Unique Things about Louisiana That You Might Want to Know

Unique Things about Louisiana That You Might Want to Know Louisiana is one state of United Sates of America that is located on the southeastern part. This state cannot be considered as a big state though, since the size of this state is not that big and the population is not that crowd too. Even though, there are still some unique things about this state that you might want to know. If you are curious, here are some of those unique things.

The first one is the low level of elevation in Louisiana. What is wrong with the low elevation level? There is nothing unique about that. That is something true, but the unique thing comes when many of the dead people are not buried during the funeral. Instead, they are plaid on the top of the ground. If you used to find markers on a cemetery, you will not find many in Louisiana. That is because most of the cemeteries are using the mausoleum as the sign. The second unique thing that you can find in Louisiana is the largest bridge on Lake Pontchartrain, or the longest maybe. That is because this bridge has the total length of 24 miles with two different spans. For your information, the first span was opened in 1956 and the second span was opened in 1969. Another unique thing about this bridge is the fact there is a judi online website fully dedicated to this bridge. This way, you will be able to learn a lot of things about this bridge, including the traffic.

The last one is the alligator business. It is true that Louisiana is on the top position if you are talking about the number of population of the alligator. However, that does not mean that selling the alligator is something fully legal. That is because this kind of industry can be considered as something quite taboo and to get the license and certification on this kind of industry is not something easy. However, it turns out that this kind of industry gives a lot of income for the state. It is believed that the industry can simply contribute up to 57 million dollars in total within 12 months. That is not a small number, especially for a business that is not easy to maintain. Those are some of the unique things that you can find in Louisiana. Do you think you can find some other unique things about Louisiana that only few people have known?

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